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In order to prevent spam, users must register before they can edit or create articles.

Welcome to the Wiki at

1 Newly updated, a work in progress...

So the wiki at has been up and running since 2009. It has always been free with the only revenue generated being from sales of text books through my site via Amazon. However, since I live in Colorado I no longer even get the $20 a year that added up to in the best years.

Sometime in late March/early April 2013 the DB for this site was emptied. (I suspect a SQL injection attack is responsible.) was running MediaWiki 1.11 (the original mediawiki I installed back in 2009). There were known security issues with it and some of the extensions I was using. I had intended to upgrade the site for over 2 years now. And I'd tried several times to do so. However, none of my upgrade attempts were successful and since this site didn't make me any money it wasn't a priority.

I have always been proud of this site though, even in its neglect. Now I'm rebuilding it, paying special attentions to anti-SPAM extensions and security issues. I hope to get back to creating new content for as well but since I haven't worked in the field in a couple of years adding content will take a lot of time.

Hopefully the new will be much better than the old.

2 Spammers Killed the old site was humming along well for most of the time since 2009 and then it became popular among Internet Marketers to spam wikis for links. Wikis had been a long neglected set of web properties where users could add content. At first I didn't really mind, the users weren't creating pages beyond their own user profiles. The links were "no follow" so Google shouldn't punish the site for their garbage and they shouldn't really derive any benefit from the links.

Then all of a sudden the site was getting hammered with SPAM. New pages/articles were being created hourly - all garbage. I spent hours manually deleting them and blocking the IPs they were generated from. It made no difference. I just got to do it all over again the next day. So I created a hack that deleted all new users and their articles directly from the DB and ran it every 5 minutes. That meant I didn't have to deal with it anymore but they still hammered the site and drove up the cost of my hosting.

2.1 Don't create a new account yet, it will only get deleted

SPAMMERs are relentless. Or more specifically, their bots are relentless. Given that their bots effectively constitute a DDoS attack on my site I'm tempted to put my considerable programming talents to work doing the same to the sellers of these bots.

Unfortunately, the strong indications that the bots will keep coming and keep putting SPAM on the site is forcing me to tell all the real people not to create accounts on the new site just yet. I need some time to figure out how to best deal with this nonsense. (Perhaps I should allow them to create their article, scrape the URL links from it, delete it, and then send my own bot at their links... I'd probably end up getting arrested and put into jail for that - see the EFF's comments on the CFAA.)