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1 Usage

{{SideNote| title-color=#FFFAFA| title=Side Note Template Example| color={{CTPLogoBlue}}| image=Torchlight help yellow.png| text=Side Note Template Example with title-color=#FFFAFA, color=CTPLogoBlue, and image=Torchlight help yellow.png.| }}


Find a better colors to complement CTPLogoBlue

2 Desired Colors

The colors in the ControlTheoryPro.com Logo are as follows:

Color NameTemplateRGBHexSample
BlackCTPLogoBlackR-45 G-52 B-55#2D3437
GreenCTPLogoGreenR-79 G-173 B-38#4FAD26
BlueCTPLogoBlueR-10 G-87 B-164#0A57A4

Please use the Templates (like {{CTPLogoBlue}}) instead of the RGB or Hex values. That way, if the colors change in the future only the color Templates will need to be changed.

3 SideNote Images

File NameImage
Stop hand nuvola.pngStop hand nuvola.png
Book important.pngBook important.png
Merge-split-transwiki default.gifMerge-split-transwiki default.gif
Book notice.pngBook notice.png
Nuvola apps bookcase.pngNuvola apps bookcase.png
Torchlight help yellow.pngTorchlight help yellow.png