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Instrumented Sensor Technology (IST) has developed a product line covering a dozen different digital data recorder models. The self-contained recorders contain inertial sensors and gyroscopes.

IST designs, develops, and manufactures digital data recording technology.

Table 1: Applications as Advertised by IST
Packaging Industrial Aerospace Defense

Design and Verification

Floor and ground vibration measurements

Transport monitoring of satellites, missiles, and subassemblies

Flight testing

Distribution environment studies

Monitoring of inter-plant transport

Flight testing

Ordance transport and handling

Design your own test procedures

Whole-body vibration measurements

Advanced engineering tests

Proving ground testing

Damage boundary curve determination

Stand-alone strain recorders

Gunfire measurements

Shock response studies

Machine tool crash measurement

Parachute testing

Drop height recorder

Preventive maintenance

Ship shock

Shock indicators for freight claims and damage prevention

Compression recording systems

Temperature and humidity monitoring

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