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1 Instrumented Sensor Technology

Instrumented Sensor Technology (IST) produces portable, stand alone data recorders. The recorders contain inertial sensors and gyroscopes. The data recorders are self-contained.

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1.1 Applications

IST advertises the following as applications:

  • Packaging
  • Design and verification
  • Distribution environment studies
  • Design your own test procedures
  • Damage boundary curve determination
  • Shock response studies
  • Drop height recorder
  • Shock indicators for freight claims and damage prevention
  • Compression recording systems
  • Temperature and humidity monitoring
  • Defense
  • Flight testing
  • Ordance transport and handling
  • Proving ground testing
  • Gunfire measurements
  • Parachute testing
  • Ship shock
  • Automotive
  • Incident data recorder
  • Motorsports crash recording
  • Accident reconstruction and litigation
  • Aerospace
  • Shipment monitoring of satellites, missiles and subassemblies
  • Flight testing
  • Advanced engineering tests
  • Industrial
  • Floor and ground vibration measurements
  • Monitoring of inter-plant transport
  • Whole-body vibration measurements
  • Stand-alone strain recorders
  • Machine tool crash measurement
  • Preventive maintenance

1.2 About IST

IST designs, develops, and manufactures digital data recording technology. IST has developed a product line covering a dozen different digital data recorder models.