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Honeywell GG5300 MEMS Rate Gyro Plant

The Honeywell GG5300 Three Axis MEMS Rate Gyro is advertised as being for "Missiles & Munitions." The datasheet available on Honeywell's website states

Bandwidth @ 90 deg phase100 Hz typical

The typical sensor model would have the following parameters

LaTeX: \omega_n=100 Hz, LaTeX: \zeta=\frac{1}{\sqrt{2}}, LaTeX: K=1

The sensor has a scale factor (Volts per radian) that we are ignoring for now. (The scale factor here is just a gain. External electronics can make this scale factor whatever is convenient.) Using the parameters in the above table a transfer function can be formed in MATLAB with the following commands

 >> wn = 100 * (2*pi);
 >> z = 1/sqrt(2);
 >> K = 1;
 >> GG5300 = tf(K * [wn^2], [1, 2*z*wn, wn^2]);

The resulting frequency response for a single axis is

Honeywell GG5300 MEMS Gyro Sensor Model

For most models each axis can be modelled with an identical transfer function.