MATLAB Pole Command


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MATLAB Pole Command
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1 Introduction to MATLAB's pole command

The pole command computes the poles of an LTI model whether that model is SISO or MIMO.

2 Usage

The pole command is a simple one. There is only 1 usage of it:

 >> p = pole(sys);

This will return the poles of the LTI model sys. It doesn't matter if sys is a State Space object, Transfer Function, Zero-Pole-Gain model, or FRD (typically used fo rmeasured data).

3 Notes

  1. This function requires the Control System Toolbox.

4 Warnings

The function will not necessarily compute multiple poles accurately. In other words if you have 2 or more poles at LaTeX: a + bi the poles may appear as a circular cluster of poles centered at LaTeX: a + bi with a radius on the order of

LaTeX: \rho\approx\epsilon^{\frac{1}{m}}
LaTeX: \epsilon is the machine precision (eps) and
LaTeX: m is the number of poles at LaTeX: a + bi.